We don't just recruit people to a business.
We recruit people to an environment where they like to do business.

Turnkey Business Platform

We offer a turnkey, duplicatable business platform to hard-working, aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to build their own financial business selling revolutionary life insurance products. The system is proven, predictable and rewarding, and requires very little startup costs.

Grow Your Own Business

Be in business for yourself but never by yourself. PFA's opportunity is self-replicating, self-motivating, and self-financed.

New Career Heights

Your determination combined with our proven system can take your business to new heights. As a business owner, you have the time and freedom to live your life by design.

World-Class Recognition

When it comes to recognition trips, we believe in creating one-of-a-kind experiences. Our conferences take place at incredible destinations around the world where our high-achieving associates are exceptionally acknowledged.

Business Tracking Dashboard

Always know your numbers with PFA's exclusive business tracking dashboard. P-TRAC helps both you and your teammates be accountable to your dreams.

Training and Mentorship

PFA associates are able to harness decades of invaluable industry knowledge through the mentorship and training of our leaders.

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