Veterans Day 2020: Honoring PFA Home-Office Veterans

Post by
Haley Piper

PFA Underwriting Liaison, Peter Lu

Peter Luu joined Premier Financial Alliance two years ago as an Underwriting Liaison, but before he joined PFA, he served four years of active duty in the United States Marine Corps as an E3 Lance Corporal. 

Peter says he originally joined the military to “see and experience the world from a different point of view.” He and his platoon patrolled through villages on foot and spent many nights together in the Afghanistan desert. Peter says he even still keeps in contact with his old platoon mates to make sure they are still doing okay!

But Peter’s favorite memories from deployment aren’t from bonding in the desert or going on missions, “the happiest memories are from those nights when I was able to call my family from a satellite phone in the middle of the desert.”

We sure are happy to have you home and at PFA, Peter. Thank you for your service!

PFA Underwriting Liaison, Billy Tran

Billy joined Premier Financial Alliance only eight months ago and now works in underwriting alongside Peter. Billy joined the United States Army right after high school and served as an SGT/Infantry Team Leader for seven years. He decided to join the Army after 9/11 when military personnel came to his school and talked about how proud they were to serve and protect the U.S. “That made me realize joining the military was my goal,” Billy explained. When asked, “what would you say to someone who is thinking of joining the military?” Billy replied, “don’t let doubt stop you from achieving success; especially when defending this great nation. Always give it your all!” Billy, like Peter, still keeps in touch with his military buddies, but his happiest moment during his military career was coming home from a year-long deployment from Afghanistan and seeing his loved ones again. He left us with a few words of advice, “always do your best in whatever career path you take. Failure is only a step towards succeeding.” 

Thank you for your service, Billy!