Employee Spotlight: Meet the Amazing Kelly Martin

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Haley Piper

Monday, September 25, 2006 - the day Premier Financial Alliance hired Kelly Martin, and 15 years later she is still part of the PFA family as the Department Manager of Licensing. 

During her first few years with PFA, Kelly was a one-woman show. “I answered phones, handled emails, faxing, mail deliveries, filing, scanning, supply ordering and anything else that needed to be done,” Kelly explained. Back when PFA was first founded, new associates had to join via a paper process that Kelly created and filed by hand. When PFA finally did create a website, Kelly also took on the task of entering all new agent information into the platform along with all of the agent’s submitted and paid business. 

Kelly tells us that at first, she was a little hesitant to join PFA. After all, back in those days the “office” was a guest house on the CEO’s property that had been converted to a workspace. Ultimately, the short commute and ground-floor opportunity ended up being too attractive to pass up.

It wasn’t long before more employees were brought onboard, and suddenly the once sufficient guest house was starting to appear lacking. In December 2010, PFA relocated to an office space a few short miles away - but as the growth continued, so did the need for more space. Several years ago, Kelly and the PFA Home Office employees moved into the Suwanee, GA space that we still use today. 

Kelly told us that PFA agent count has grown so much over the years, the number who join us each month eclipses the number of total agents we had when she joined . “Even during times of economic turmoil, PFA just keeps on growing,” Kelly said. 

When asked why she thinks PFA continues to grow and prosper even during times of economic hardship and now, a pandemic, Kelly says “PFA offers people an opportunity to take back control over their destiny and to take care of their families in a manner they choose. They can be their own boss and determine their own path. PFA helps them be the business owner they strive to be. The story of PFA is a living, breathing thing. It grows and changes to meet the ever-changing needs of our agents and clients.”

Kelly and her husband, Bruce

We then asked Kelly what she sees in PFA’s future. She indicates that she isn’t sure of what the future holds for PFA, but she has every intention of sticking around to find out.

Kelly has been married to her high school sweetheart for 36 years. Together they have two beautiful daughters and four grandchildren. In her free time, Kelly loves to go camping and kayaking. She also loves to sew, garden and play with her pets.