PFA Power Couple: Derick & Vivian

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Haley Piper

Derick Palma joined Premier Financial Alliance in 2014 after speaking with a successful PFA couple. “Jojo and Susana showed me all that PFA has to offer,” Derick explained. His wife Vivian, however, was not yet convinced. 

In order to show Vivian the amazing opportunities PFA has to offer, Jojo and Susana invited one of PFA’s top agents, Hermie Bacus, to speak with her. Vivian eventually signed up, not because she believed PFA was the right path for her - but because she wanted to support Derick. 

“Once Vivian joined,” Derick told us, “I wanted to show her that she made the right choice. I worked the business on my own, and one day I surprised her with a $9,000 deposit into our bank account after just one week of work.” She was shocked! 

After Derick’s $9,000 surprise, he and Vivian decided to band together and become an official PFA pair. They have been working together ever since.

“Working as a pair is more effective because we are able to complement each other’s strengths” - Vivian

With a background in nursing, Vivian has the knowledge and expertise to educate people about a new kind of life insurance - the kind you don't have to die to use - from a health angle. Whereas Derick utilizes his background in engineering to show clients the numbers and explain the financial side of the products. 

Derick and Vivian don’t just work together for financial gain, however. They also appreciate the extra time they are able to spend together now that they are a team. Derick went on to explain, “the most fun part about working with my significant other is being together all the time. It works really well for us because we have the same mission and goals for our professional relationship, but also for our personal life together. We share the same vision.” 

Derick and Vivian have some advice for anyone who is thinking about becoming an official PFA team with their significant other: “Our advice to other couples is to realize that this is a journey. As a couple, you must be aligned with each other’s goals in the five key areas of life: Faith, Family, Finance, Fitness, and Fun. For sure, there will be ups and downs through the years but as long as you have the support of your partner, and have a positive mindset every day, everything will be fine.”

What amazing advice! PFA wishes all the best for Derick and Vivian as they continue to thrive at PFA and as a couple. 

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