PFA Power Couple: Bob and Len

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Haley Piper

For nearly ten years, Bob Baccaray was a fully-licensed financial advisor with a high-power corporate company. Yet, he didn’t feel as fulfilled and happy as he thought capable. Enter, John Domingo, the agent who recruited Bob and his wife Len. “PFA just made so much sense,” Bob explained, “that I immediately quit my old job and transitioned over full-time to PFA.” Len joined him seven months later. 

“Seven months into the business, Bob earned his first diamond,” Len began, “but his network was coming from me. So, Bob offered for me to be his partner at PFA, but that meant I had to leave my job as a nurse. I was a registered nurse for 21 years, but I left because of the potential PFA offered.” With Len working as a PFA agent full-time alongside Bob, they earned their second diamond in just five months. This was only the beginning of their journey.

“It’s not Bob’s business or Len’s business. It’s truly our business, and we grow it together.”

As they began doing business together full-time, Bob and Len had to learn how to work together not only as parents and a married couple but now as business partners. Bob told us, “we learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses by working together at PFA, and then as we learned about each other we were able to assign each other different roles and tasks based on those strengths.” Out of the two of them, Len is more personable and makes sure they are always communicating with their downline, working on recruitment as well as growing a larger professional network. Bob, on the other hand, get’s to focus on his passion for sales, training, and presenting.

However, it’s not always smooth sailing. “It’s not like we always agree,” Len explained, “of course sometimes we have different perspectives and want to make different decisions, but at the end of the day we want what is best for the team so, we must compromise. We compromise in order to make sure our team grows and achieves success. At the end of the day, that’s what you must do.”

Bob and Len love seeing other PFA power couples during company meetings or conventions because Len says, “when you see a PFA couple, you know that couple supports each other. If there’s no support, then it wouldn’t work.” Bob says if you’re a couple and you want to work together you need to, “find what you are passionate about, first. If you’re with PFA - what aspect of PFA is the most important to you? What is most important to your spouse? Find what matches up. Then, you start working from there. Find out what you have in common and then attack the business from that aspect.”

I believe Len said it best when it comes to working with a significant other: Sometimes you don’t have to work with them. Just make sure you support them. 

Wise words from a true PFA power couple!

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