Agent Spotlight: Women Leading the Way

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Haley Piper

In 2018, women represented 39% of the workforce in sales. However, here at PFA, the women are the stars of the sales department. Keep reading to hear from three of the top PFA Agents: Lu Wang, Vanessa Cabrera and Vinh Vo. 

Lu Wang, EFD

Lu Wang joined PFA in 2015 after attending a Premier Financial Alliance convention.

I realized PFA could give me the financial freedom to provide a better lifestyle for myself and my loved ones. - Lu Wang

She has thrived since joining PFA, personally recruiting 193 agents. Her key to success? Lu says you only need four things to be successful at PFA: clarity, trust in your mentor, work ethic, and a good running mate. Lu is now an Executive Field Director out in California, and she doesn’t plan on slacking off any time soon! 

Lu left us with these words, “You can copy the product, you can copy the compensation plan, but you can’t copy the leadership that PFA has to offer.”

Thank you, Lu! Keep thriving!

Vanessa Cabrera, QFD

“For me, PFA was love at first sight!” This is what Vanessa Cabrera has to say about why she joined PFA back in 2011. Vanessa joined PFA because she wanted to make a difference in her community by providing her neighbors with revolutionary life insurance. 

Joining PFA is one of those decisions that you will thank God for every day!
- Vanessa Cabrera

Her secret to success at PFA is to “always keep her spirits high and her energy contagious!” Vanessa is now a Qualified Field Director (QFD) with over 1,500 agents in her downline and has personally recruited over 260 PFA agents. 

We love your energy, Vanessa!

Vinh Vo, PFD


Vinh Vo is our newest agent of our featured-four to join PFA. Vinh joined PFA in 2019 after coming to America from Vietnam 10 years prior and working as a nail tech for seven years. She admits the work was good money, but she wasn’t happy. She opened her own nail salon hoping to find happiness in owning her own business. However, she found PFA one year later and, after still not being happy, decided to apply. 

I am forever grateful that I found PFA and am able to work. There is no losing with PFA, only winning and learning. - Vinh Vo

Vinh is now a Provisional Field Director with (PFD) with over 370 agents in her downline. Her growth over the last year is inspiring, and she has become a true leader in the sales department. 

We are so happy you joined us, Vinh and we are ecstatic PFA was able to bring you happiness!