Is PFA a Pyramid Scheme?

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Haley Piper

Due to a lack of understanding about PFA’s business model and success in the industry, some critics have asked an important question: Is PFA a pyramid scheme?

What is a Pyramid Scheme?

According to the FTC, a pyramid scheme has a few telltale signs that distinguish it from legitimate independent marketing organizations:

  • Income is based mainly on the number of people you recruit, and the money those new recruits pay to join the company — not on the sales of products to consumers.
  • You’re required to purchase lots of company inventory to get started and to continue with the company.
  • You’re forced to buy other “company products” you don’t need or necessarily want - just to stay in good standing with the company.
  • A Pyramid Scheme is an illegal “business” model.

PFA does not meet any of the aforementioned criteria. Licensed associates are paid only when financial products are sold; simply recruiting others to the company does not result in compensation. The one-time technology fee paid to PFA serves to offset the development and maintenance costs associated with the turnkey business-tracking and recognition system offered to PFA associates. This technology fee allows the company to offer lifetime access to the system and is fully refundable in the first 10 days. At no time are associates required to purchase any products or services (except for those required for state licensure).

How do PFA associates make money?

PFA associates are in business for themselves but never by themselves.

It is important to note that PFA’s independent associates (agents) cannot make money without first obtaining the proper state insurance license and getting appointed with an insurance carrier; even then, sales must be made prior to an associate receiving financial compensation.

PFA has partnered with top insurance carriers in the country to help distribute life and annuity products to the public. The turnkey business platform allows for independent associates to grow their own business through the distribution of financial products. PFA never collects premiums for life insurance policies. Agents are paid variable commissions from the insurance carrier based on the product type, amount of coverage, and other factors such as the age and health of the client.

The sale of financial products is the life-blood of Premier Financial Alliance.

Still Have Questions?

If you’re still confused about who PFA is, what we do, and what we stand for, feel free to reach out to us on our website via our live company chat. If you are trying to reach us outside of business hours, please email us with any questions you may have.

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