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How to Keep Your 2021 Resolutions

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Haley Piper

You’ve heard it before: 2020 was a difficult year for many people. But we have finally entered 2021, and with high hopes that it will be a banner year. True to tradition, many people are kicking-off the year creating resolutions with the very best of intentions. But how do you make sure these resolutions stick? Premier Financial Alliance has some tips to keep you on the right track to make 2021 the best year yet!

1. Don’t make them “resolutions,” make them life changes. 

The term “New Year’s Resolutions” has a negative connotation - mainly due to their failure rate landing at about 80%. Resolutions are usually broken and forgotten about by February 1st. So instead, make 2021 the year of permanent life changes. Rather than making a New Year’s Resolution to “eat healthier,” make it a long lasting life-style change. Approach your resolutions with a long-term mentality and view them as changes that are crucial to your overall betterment. Knowing that this is something you are going to do to better the rest of your life will help you stay motivated. 

2. Make the changes realistic and measurable. 

Keeping things measurable will keep you on the right track. Let’s use our “eat healthier” example. Instead of saying, “2021 is the year I start eating healthier,” narrow that goal into something realistic and measurable. For instance, your life change could be having vegetables with at least one meal every day. This leaves you some wiggle room to have fast-food for lunch, but ensures there are two other chances available to consume that broccoli. This goal is not only realistic because it is not holding you to "eating healthy” for every meal of every day, but it is also measurable. You know whether or not you had vegetables with at least one meal that day and you can easily keep track of how well this new life change is going for you. 

3. Be kind to yourself, and remember - you are worth it to keep going.

A large reason many people give up on their New Year’s resolutions is that they allow one mistake to derail their goals. You must be kind to yourself. Let’s say you are making the life change to have vegetables with at least one meal every day, but yesterday you messed up. You had a very long day traveling and because you were on the road for 8 hours, you ate fast food for all three meals. Now you feel like you’ve failed and you want to give up because - what’s the point? You’ll just fail again? NO. You may not have achieved your vegetable goal on that one, singular day, but it doesn’t mean your new change is ruined! Tomorrow is a new day and you are worth it to keep going. Your new life change will contribute to the betterment of yourself and your life, and you are too worthy of success to let one mishap discourage you. Wash your hands of your mistakes, and try again tomorrow!

4. Makes these changes for yourself and no one else. 

Make the changes for YOU! If you are making them to impress friends or to brag on social media, rest assured you won’t stick to them. Make the changes because you want to be happier. Make the changes because you want to be healthier, feel better, and be around longer to watch your children grow up. Make the changes because you know it will change your life for the better. You have to change because YOU want to, and not for anyone else. 

5. Enlist the help of an accountability partner

Just because you are making the changes for yourself doesn’t mean you shouldn't seek assistance. Find at least one trusted friend or family member who offers encouragement and accountability. This person will be the voice of reason when you suggest grabbing a quick fast-food meal. Find a friend that encourages you to order that side of cauliflower instead of french fries. One that loves you and wants to support you because they know these life changes are going to make you happy if you can stick with them!

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