How PFA Agents Adapted to COVID-19

Post by
Haley Piper

COVID-19 took the U.S. by storm in March 2020. Many people lost their jobs, homes, and motivation. So how have Penny Chen, Aggie Wu, and Jessica Del Rosario managed to become even more successful in their careers during this global pandemic? Keep reading to find out!

Penny Chen, RFD

Penny has been a Premier Financial Alliance agent since October 2016 and currently holds the title of Regional Field Director (RFD). With all selling and networking activities being moved to online platforms, she’s been able to re-allocate all of her time she would have spent commuting to (virtually) meeting with and talking to clients.

“I’ve been able to talk to a lot more clients across the country, and so my personal sales and productivity have increased a lot compared to this time last year” - Penny Chen

Even after COVID-19 is a thing of the past, she claims she’ll keep utilizing these online platforms and doing her work about 50% online and 50% in person in order to keep her commuting time down and her productivity high. When asked what advice she would give a PFA agent struggling to adapt to the new normal with COVID-19, Penny said, “self-learning and self-improvement first. There is no better time than now to acquire all the knowledge and skills you need to do this business, all with the convenience of staying at home.”

She also recommends all agents leverage social media to market their business and to reach out to people they might otherwise not come into contact with. Penny says, “without social media, you are completely out of business.” Keep up the great work, Penny!

Aggie Wu, EFD

Aggie Wu has been a Premier Financial Alliance agent since October 2012 and currently holds the title of Executive Field Director (EFD). Aggie explains that, thanks to her flexible work schedule and the ability to work from home, she and her team (Team Royal) have been able to increase their number of virtual appointments and reach out to families all across the nation. She claims Team Royal is a big reason for her success at PFA before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Team Royal has two mandatory online training sessions every year. We have switched all other training to be online as well, and implemented different contests every month of the pandemic to encourage our agents to focus on helping more people, especially during this scary time.”
- Aggie Wu

She only has one fear about COVID-19, “my concern is that we will not be fast enough to spread the news of the living benefits package to all the families who will suffer due to COVID-19. They need living benefits now more than ever and our agents are working day and night to deliver this product and opportunity to as many people as possible.”

Thank you for all the hard work you are doing, Aggie!

Jessica Del Rosario, RFD

Jessica Del Rosario has been a Premier Financial Alliance agent since March 2018 and has already achieved the title of Regional Field Director (RFD). She says she didn’t even think of COVID-19 as a hindrance but rather “took it as an opportunity to introduce more people to living benefits.” Jessica went on to explain, “Whenever I make a phone call, of course, the pandemic is a very big deal and a large topic of conversation for my clients. They want to feel secure and they know the living benefits package is a necessity during this time of crisis.” Jessica is going that extra mile to put her clients first.

She explains that she doesn’t like being on camera or having her photo taken, but during the pandemic, a virtual meeting is the best way to take care of her clients, and so she has to get past her own discomfort to keep herself and her others safe. She also makes sure to always have a mask on, hand sanitizer, as well as sanitizer spray for her car and her clothes. Jessica wants to make sure she is keeping herself as healthy and safe as possible in order to keep those around her safe and healthy as well. If you are a PFA agent struggling to adapt to these uncertain times, Jessica has some words of advice:

“There will be no better time or opportunity than right now to offer hope and security. Now is when everybody needs more peace-of-mind as well as an emergency fund. Our product has never been more valuable or important.” - Jessica Del Rosario

What really keeps Jessica going, is the online mentorship from PFA leaders. “My mentorship with Hermie Bacus and Team Elite,” she explains, “has been really helpful. As well as Jack Wu’s and CEO, David Carroll’s inspirational weekly call. I feel like I’m not alone during this pandemic and I have a team who has my back.”

Way to be an example to follow, Jessica!