PFA Power Couple: Jason and Song

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Haley Piper

We are proud to introduce the next dynamic duo in our PFA Power Couple Series: Jason Xu and Song Yang.

Jason was the first to join PFA in November of 2015. Song followed shortly after, officially becoming a licensed PFA associate in March of 2016. She was determined to help Jason achieve his goal of becoming a Qualified Field Director (QFD), and ultimately decided that banding together as a team would be the best course of action for them both. Over the span of a few years, not only did Jason reach QFD, he went on to achieve Regional Field Director (RFD) status.

Years later, the couple is still enjoying working side-by-side. With two small children, Jason and Song cherish the time they spend alone together even while working. “We spend so much more time together now,” Jason explained, “and all the business travel actually feels like a vacation because we are doing it together.”

Jason went on to say that since they began working together, he and Song have gotten to know each other on an entirely different level. He claims they can simply look at each other and know what the other is thinking - many times finishing each other’s sentences.

Some married couples who are also in business together seek to draw a line between marriage and work, but not Jason and Song. Song tells us, “We don’t feel the need to separate our PFA life and our home life. PFA is so deeply ingrained in our lives and we enjoy our work so much that we don’t need a formal separation. However, because we do work for the same company we fully understand and respect each other’s work schedules which I think helps a lot in our marriage.” 

Jason and Song agree that the most important part of combining marriage and business is accepting your partner’s weakness and picking up where they fall short. “If you’re going to work as a couple,” Jason said, “you have to realize each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work with those skills. You can’t fight against it.” Jason and Song leave us with this piece of advice, “always remember you are on the same boat and going the same direction. You have to work together to keep going. Focus on the positive!”

We cannot wait to see all the amazing accomplishments ahead for this PFA Power Couple!

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