A Look Back on RESILIENCE 2020: A PFA Virtual Event

Post by
Haley Piper

Thousands of agents registered for Premier Financial Alliance’s first-ever virtual conference. The event was host to virtual games, team videos, and presentations from some of our top leaders in the company as well as guest speakers from our largest partner - National Life Group and motivational speakers Kevin and Jackie Freiberg. Every speaker spoke with passion and preached the importance of resilience and never giving up - even in times of adversity, such as COVID-19.

High-achieving PFA agents told of their humble beginnings and how they have reached the success they have now. They provided insight and knowledge into how anyone, even someone like yourself, can succeed with PFA’s turnkey platform. National Life Group spoke of the history of NLG as well as hosted an open-ended Q&A session for PFA agents to ask anything they wanted to know about our biggest partner in the life insurance business. Kevin and Jackie spoke of ‘The Power of Resilience,” and left us with five key strategies for being brave hearted in times of crisis. All of PFA’s featured speakers brought motivation and expertise to their presentations, and energy you just couldn’t deny!

Joe Shia, an attendee at RESILIENCE 2020 said, “It was absolutely amazing! It felt like a live convention, and I learned so much from all the speakers. I am feeling very grateful to be part of this crusade,” and Arnette Nakamura said it was the “best virtual event [she had] ever attended.” Our top ten prize-winners were: Sisam Gurung, Michael Fernandez, Prakash Niroula, Marlon Manuel, Jianxuan Xu, Patrick Pei Sheng, Vinh Vo, Vincent Chen, Gina Nguyen, and Florence Carla Ebbary. The average rating for all presentations (out of 5) was a 4.9, and of course, our most highly rated and attended session was our opening session entitled ‘A Time for Bravehearted,’ from our CEO, David Carroll. 

In a world where COVID-19 is keeping us away from friends, family, and coworkers, it was great to have everyone ‘together’ in one platform to reignite our passion for what PFA stands for: disrupting the financial services industry to protect the dreams of Middle America. 

Did you miss out on RESILIENCE 2020? That’s okay, check out our Resilience 2020 video HERE and check our Facebook and Instagram regularly so you don’t miss registration for our next event!